Pretrial Services


Franklin and Grand Isle County Pretrial Services is a new alternative to a traditional criminal justice response to eligible misdemeanor or felony charges. Every county in Vermont provides Pretrial Services in accordance with Vermont Act 195. Individuals cited or arrested in Franklin or Grand Isle Counties may volunteer to be screened by the Pretrial Monitor based in Hyde Park prior to their first appearance in court. They may speak with a lawyer first.

How does it work?
The Pretrial Monitor offers potential participants three confidential assessments focusing on mental health, substance use, and risk of non-appearance/risk of reoffense. The specific details of the assessments will not be shared with the prosecutor or the Court. The Judge may consider a summary of the results in determining bail or conditions of release.

Conditions of Release
If the State’s Attorney files the case with the court, the Judge may use the results of the screening in determining bail and conditions of release. Conditions may include mental health and/or substance use assessments. The Pretrial Monitor may refer participants to appropriate services, and send reminders of Court appearance dates.